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Checklist to Prepare Home for Real Estate Photography

Outside of home:

• No cars parked in the driveway

• Sweep sidewalks

• Remove all hoses and trash cans

• Remove any clutter

• Pickup leaves and branches

ª Prune and shape trees

• Clean up after pets

• Hide seasonal decorations

• If you have a pool or hot tub, uncover and make sure they are cleaned!

Interior Main Areas:

• Remove personal items

• Straighten furniture

• Declutter as much as possible

• Open shades / blinds

• Replace any burned out light bulbs

• Empty trash

• Put away children’s toys (check under the couch, too!)

• If you have pets, hide food and water bowls + beds and toys

• Clean all surfaces: Floors, Countertops, Mirrors, etc.

• Make sure rugs are aligned with furniture

• Fluff pillows

• Eliminate visible cords

• Turn on all lights

• Put out attractive books

• Consider decorating dining / kitchen with best place settings

• Extra points if you put out flowers!


• Declutter counters

• Stow small appliances

• Clear sink of dishes

• Organize open shelves

• Hide dish towels, scrubbers, and cleaning items

• Store food in cabinets

• Eliminate visible cords

• Extra points if you put out a fresh bowl of fruit!


• Make the beds neatly with covers even on either side

• Arrange and fluff pillows

• Clean under the bed

• Organize surfaces

• Eliminate visible cords


• Sparkling clean

• Clean mirrors

• Hang fresh towels

• Clean toilet and close lid

• Closer shower door

• Remove all items from sink, tub, and shower like soaps and loofahs

• Remove plunger / toilet bowl cleaner from the space

The Day of Real Estate Photography Shoot:

• Turn ON all lights, including under cabinet lights and curio cabinet lights

• Turn OFF ceiling fans

• Open the blinds + curtains to show off natural light!

• Keep valuables secure while you have lots of foot traffic for viewings

Professional Real Estate Photography will do more for you if you put the time in to the preparation of the shoot. Our photographers are there to take pictures and we do not a lot them time to organize your home. Take the time to make your home look as best as possible and your investment will pay off!

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