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I believe with my whole heart that exercising our creativity is the solution to feelings of complacency and/or dissatisfaction. There is no such thing as a person who is not creative, but there are a ton of unhappy people out there. And I think happiness comes from exploration and growth!  When you think about it, something as simple as the way you clean your house could be considered creative. You work from top to bottom, so that when you vacuum or mop, all of the dust and hair and other fun stuff from your shelves is collected at the end. I know right. It’s really not that hard to be creative. What is hard is actually believing that we are creative. To not compare ourselves to who we think are the most-creative-of-creatives and get discouraged. To realize each and every being on this earth is unique and has creativity within them that could change the world…

It’s sad to me that art and/or creativity courses are not something we push for after a certain age it seems. I want to cry at the thought of parents discouraging their kids from pursuing art. Even in the most serious of professions, creativity is required to stand out and to add value. As an artist, I’ve always had this notion in the back of my mind––to do things a different way, to flip it upside down, to evolve rather than repeat. What if everyone, with any kind of expertise, approached everyday embracing their creativity more?

"The only bad idea is throwing out any ideas immediately."   - Me

After a certain age, it seems as though my parents didn’t really tell me what to do much, but they did lead by example. As I think most people do not like being told what to do, I am here showing up in my own creative little life, hoping that if nothing more, you become more brave each and every day as time goes on, to express yourself creatively. As I have and will continue to do forever!

I really love to create photos because I find it challenging to describe in words what I want to share with the world.  “Charleston: A feeling not a place," came from the the thought of describing the feeling of actually being in Charleston. Anyone can take photos of what a place looks like, but I wanted to explore the feeling in addition to the physical structure of a place. I know it's a beautiful place, but people come here for more reasons than the pretty scenery. If I had to put it into words Charleston is: welcoming, warm, hospitable, beautiful, happy, relaxing, creative, neighborly, delicious, and very, very homey. But I feel like these words and a snapshot still are not enough. They don't compare to actually being here and my hope is that these more dramatic photos in this series take you a step closer to that Charleston feeling many of us have come to know and love.

The stories that go along with the photographs in this particular series are near and dear to my heart. After all they are my recent life. And the stories I have heard from my followers about what my art means to them only make each and every selection that much more special to me. You make me want to keep creating, and I hope I do the same for you.